• The Amazing Give and GACTA


    GACTA is one of the non-profits participating in the Amazing Give, which is a 24 hour long online fundraising effort, hosted by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida, that offers a selected group of non-profits the opportunity to raise funds to support their organizations.

    We are hoping to win at least one of the $1,000 incentive prizes available. In particular, a $1000 prize will be awarded to the participating non-profit with the highest number of unique donors during the Amazing Give Kick Off Power Hour. So if possible, please make your donation between 6:00 pm and 6:59 pm TODAY (Monday) at https://theamazinggive.razoo.com/us/story/Gainesville-Area Community-Tennis-Association. Any amount would be most appreciated. Your donation will support programming for our under-served youth living in low-income neighborhoods and our adaptive tennis program for people with special needs through our Aces In Motion program.

    Even if you cannot donate at that time, please consider donating during the 24 hour period of the Amazing Give campaign (May 2nd, 6:00 pm through May 3rd, 5:59 pm) and help us qualify for other prizes and matching dollars. $2500 in matching dollars is available for donations made to GACTA. Let’s come together as a community and show that we care about our under-served youth and their futures.Thank you!

  • 2016 GACTA Middle School Tennis Begins Soon!

    The sixth season of GACTA’s Middle School Tennis season is starting soon! This no-cut program welcomes players of all levels. Matches will run from mid-April through the beginning of June at tennis courts in the Gainesville area. Participating schools include: Lincoln, Westwood, Howard Bishop, Kanapaha, Oak Hall, Jordan Glen, and we hope to welcome Oak View and Queen of Peace to the program. If your school is not listed and you are interested in starting a program please contact Anne Koterba, program coordinator at akoterba@nullaol.com.

  • Junior Community Tennis Calendar for January – February 2016

    There are a number of local tennis tournaments in January and February for our junior players.

  • USTA Junior Team Tennis is Back for Spring 2016!

  • GACTA Annual Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Party

    Come out to celebrate our volunteers for GACTA’s Volunteer Appreciation Party on Sunday, December 13th, at the 300 Club from 3:30 – 6:30 pm! There will be a round robin, tennis clinic, drinks and pizza from Humble Pie. Tickets are $20!

    E-mail Addison Staples (addison@ acesinmotion.org) with your name and level to reserve your spot. We are capping this event at 50 players so make sure to e-mail Addison soon! Looking forward to celebrating our invaluable volunteers with you all.

  • The Fall Season of Junior Team Tennis is Starting: SCHEDULES

    Here is the schedule for the fall season of our Team Tennis League..  Teams in BOLD will be the home team. Robert Taylor is the coordinator for this fall season. Robert’s email is:  rt4tennis@nullgmail.com 
    League Notes:
    8 game pro sets (no-ad scoring)  Tiebreaker at 8-8
    2 singles/2 doubles matches
    Each Home Team will receive an allotment of balls for home matches for the whole season.  Each match use only 2 cans per match.  (most facilities will only be able to allot 2 courts for matches). Recycle balls at your facility for use.  If you run out of home match balls, please email me so I can send you more (lost balls, bad cans,etc)
    Schedules will be posted on www.jonesvilletennis.com website and www.gainesvilletennis.org websites for parents to access.
    Scores will be updated weekly and online on the Jonesville website as well..  Please email scores after match play so updating is easier..
    There will be some wiggle room in case of rainouts.. All matches must be completed by Nov. 13th.
    12 and Under Beginner Division: ALL MATCHES WILL BE AT 5 PM

    Oct. 4:  JTC-Smashers @ Haile

                JTC-Porter/Bethea @ Westside

                JTC- Aces @  DB


    Oct. 11:  Haile @ Westside

                  JTC-Aces @  JTC-Porter/Bethea

                  JTC-Smashers @ DB


    Oct. 17    DB  @   Haile

    JTC-Porter/Bethea @ JTC-Aces

                   Westside @ JTC-Smashers


    Oct. 18   Haile @  JTC-Aces

                  JTC-Porter/Bethea @ JTC-Smashers

                  Westside @ DB


    Oct. 25   Haile @ JTC-Porter/Bethea

                  JTC-Aces  @  Westside

                   DB @  JTC-Smashers


    Nov. 1     JTC-Smashers @  Haile

                   Westside @ JTC-Porter/Bethea

                   DB @  JTC-Aces

    12 and Under Intermediate Schedule:  ALL MATCHES ARE AT 3 PM

    Oct. 4:  DB @ Haile

              JTC-Beck/Phillips @ Westside


    Oct. 11   Haile @ Westside

                  DB @  JTC-Beck/Phillips


    Oct. 17  Haile @ JTC-Beck/Phillips

                 Westside @ DB


    Oct. 18   JTC-Beck/Phillps @  DB

                  Haile @ Westside


    Oct. 25    JTC-Beck/Phillips @ Haile

                   Westside @ DB


    Nov. 1      DB @ Haile

                    Westside @  JTC-Beck/Phillips


    14 and Under Intermediate Division: ALL MATCHES ARE AT 4 PM
    Oct. 4   Jordan Glen @ Haile             

    Porter @ 300 Club


    Oct. 11  Haile @ 300 Club

     Jordan Glen @ Porter


    Oct. 17  Porter @ Jordan Glen

    300 Club @ Haile


    Oct. 18   Haile @ Jordan Glen

    300 Club @ Porter


    Oct. 25    Haile @  Porter

     Jordan Glen @ 300 Club


    Nov. 1     300 Club @ Haile

    Porter @ Jordan Glen

    18 and Under Intermediate Schedule: ALL MATCHES ARE AT 2 pm 
    Oct. 3:  Lake City-CS @ Westside
                300 club @ Lake City- BGB
    Oct. 4:  Haile @ Lake City- CS
    Oct. 11: Westside @ 300 Club
                Lake City- BGB @ Haile
    Oct. 17:  Lake City- CS @ 300 Club
                  Haile @ Lake City- BGB
    Oct. 18:   300 Club @ Westside
    Oct. 24:   Westside @ Haile
                        Lake City-BGB @ Lake City-CS
    Oct. 25:    Westside @  Lake City- BGB
                        Lake City- CS@ Haile
    Oct. 31:     Haile @ 300 Club
    Nov. 1:      Lake City-BGB @ Westside
                       300 Club @  Lake City- CS
  • The Second Annual Bryan Shelton Celebration of Tennis

    A fundraiser to benefit GACTA’s Aces in Motion Tennis Outreach Program. 


    Evening Celebration

    Friday August 21st, 2015

    Gainesville Woman’s Club

    6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

    Live music by Gosia and Ali

    Food by Southern Charm Kitchen

    Silent Auction and Raffle

    Let’s Make a Racket!

    Saturday August 22nd, 2015

    DB Racquet Club

    9 a.m.- noon (check in 8:30 a.m.)

    Community Tennis Clinic

    Refreshments by Bagel Bakery and Mojo Hogtown Barb-b-que

    Buy Tickets

    Evening Celebration: $50

    Saturday Tennis $30

    Both Events: $75

    Saturday Spectator: $10


    For more information, please contact Addison Staples, Executive Director GACTA, at Addison@nullacesinmotion.org or call 352-514-9975

  • GACTA Middle School Tennis League Completes its Fifth Season

    By Anne Koterba

    This spring, the Gainesville Area Community Tennis Association (GACTA) sponsored the fifth season of its no-cut GACTA Middle School Tennis league, which provided 100 local middle school students, from beginner to advanced players, an opportunity to play tennis in a team format for their middle school. The season ran during the months of April and May following the high school tennis season. Volunteer parent-captains recruited middle school students from seven middle schools under the guidance of Anne Koterba, President of GACTA and coordinator of the middle school tennis program. Both public and private middle schools participated in the program. Local schools included: Jordan Glen, Oak Hall School, Westwood, Kanapaha, Lincoln, Fort Clarke, and Howard Bishop Middle Schools.

    As in the previous seasons, a two-day Middle School League Team Championship, with a similar format to the FHSAA District Tennis Championship format, with an emphasis on doubles, was held at the Jonesville Tennis Center. Jordan Glen School “four-peated” as Tournament Champion (22 points), and the Oak Hall School “four-peated” as Tournament Finalist (11 points). Lincoln Middle School finished a close third behind Oak Hall. When asked about the continuing dominance of the small, private, Jordan Glen School, Dave Porter, Director of Tennis at Jonesville Tennis Center and Jordan Glen parent, commented, “Jordan Glen has a well rounded curriculum with rigorous academics, and a strong focus on the arts and athletics. Students grow up playing multiple sports, developing their overall athleticism and confidence. The family-like atmosphere also fosters bonds among the kids on and off the court, which strengthens their teamwork.”

    The GACTA middle school tennis program is sustainable because the hard costs are covered by a modest participation fee ($55), local private and public tennis facilities generously provide teaching pros for practices and courts for matches, and parents provide a great deal of volunteer help. The participation fee also generates enough revenue to provide scholarships for students from low-income families, as well as support GACTA’s Aces in Motion tennis outreach program for at-risk youth.

    The no-cut feature of the program allows even true beginners, who may never have played tennis before, to experience match play, as GACTA volunteers go on court to help them with scoring and rules.

    “We really want the kids to have fun playing for their school, no matter what their level of experience”, said Addison Staples, Executive Director of GACTA. “That’s what this program is really about,” Koterba said. “We just want kids of all backgrounds realize how enjoyable the game of tennis can be, so they will want to go out and play. Although tennis can be an individual sport, we like to emphasize that it can be a great team sport as well, whether playing for your school’s team or playing as a doubles team.”

    This year, the Jonesville Tennis Center (JTC), Westside Tennis, Oak Hall School, and the Haile Plantation Golf and Country Club provided courts for match play for the middle school league, and all of these facilities, as well as the 300 Club, “adopted” teams for practices.

    For more information on GACTA’s programs, please see www.gainesvilletennis.org or go to Gainesville Tennis or Aces in Motion on Facebook.

    Fifth Season GACTA Middle School League

    Tournament Results

    Finals Main Draw:

    Flight 1: Colby Stewart/Leo Asch (JG) def Ethan Cockey/Eric Chen (LIN)                                       6-3

    Flight 2: Christian Mazpule/Nolan Louis (JG) def Stephanie Miller/Alden Laborde(OH)            6-2

    Flight 3: Dagney Kaye/Jadon Kennard (JG) def Mac LaBorde/Kate Pickens (OH)                        6-3

    Flight 4: James Donnelly/Isaac Kaye (JG) def Anna Liu/Mallory Tutton (LIN)                             6-1

    Flight 5: Liz Arnold/Sidney Washburn (JG) def Adel Acs/Katie Kerensky(OH)                             6-3

    Flight 6: Lincoln Weaver/Graham Shoemaker (JG) def Sydney Miller/Sophie Miller (OH)        6-0

    Flight 7: Graham Louis/Lotus Campbell (JG) def Graham Bernstein/Avery Bernstein (OH)      6-3

    Flight 8: Jaden Rosillo/Morgan Tooke (JG) def Davis Beck/Tahsin               Nabi                           6-0

    GACTA middle school tennis champs

    GACTA Middle School Tennis Tournament Champions


    GACTA middle school tennis finalists

    Oak Hall GACTA Middle School Tennis Tournament Finalists

    middle school tennis flight 1 winners

    Flight 1 Champions: Jordan Glen’s Colby and Leo

    middle school tennis flight 1 finalists

    Flight 1 Finalists: Lincoln’s Ethan and Eric


  • “Hit Away the Nukes” Community Tennis Event!

    Logo+peace+signThe Gainesville Area Community Tennis Association, River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding and Eli Meyer Studio would like to invite you to attend a community event, “Hit Away the Nukes” on Saturday April 18th, from noon-3 pm at Westside Park.

    We will be meeting at the Westside tennis courts to hit a total of 16,000 tennis balls, each ball symbolizing one of the 16,000 nuclear weapons still in existence in the world today. Tennis experience is NOT necessary, and all ages are welcome!

    We join with Global Wave 2015, a world-wide series of events calling upon governments meeting in New York this April and May to cooperate on a process to abolish and eliminate nuclear weapons. Links to descriptions of our event can be seen at http://www.globalwave2015.org/news-2/2015/4/8/hit-away-the-nukes and http://www.april6.org/en/take-part/upcoming-events/hit-away-the-nukes.html

    A video will be made of this local event, and it will be shared on a global platform, so come be a part of the action to “Hit Away the Nukes”.

    We hope that you can stop by and hit a few balls! We plan to take a group photo around 1 pm.

    For more information, contact Addison Staples, Executive Director, GACTA, at addison@nullacesinmotion.org or text 352-514-9975.

    Please note: This is a local event to bring global awareness and not a fundraiser.


  • 2015 GACTA Middle School Tennis

    The fifth season of GACTA’s popular Middle School Tennis program starts soon! Team practices will begin around the first of April, with matches likely starting on April 17th. The program is no-cut, open to all levels, and emphasizes fun and sportsmanship. Schools likely participating include:




    Howard Bishop

    Fort Clarke

    Jordan Glen

    Oak Hall

    For more information, see the Middle School Tennis section on this website or contact Anne Koterba, Middle School Tennis Coordinator, at akoterba@nullaol.com or 352-665-9544.