• “Hit Away the Nukes” Community Tennis Event!

    Logo+peace+signThe Gainesville Area Community Tennis Association, River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding and Eli Meyer Studio would like to invite you to attend a community event, “Hit Away the Nukes” on Saturday April 18th, from noon-3 pm at Westside Park.

    We will be meeting at the Westside tennis courts to hit a total of 16,000 tennis balls, each ball symbolizing one of the 16,000 nuclear weapons still in existence in the world today. Tennis experience is NOT necessary, and all ages are welcome!

    We join with Global Wave 2015, a world-wide series of events calling upon governments meeting in New York this April and May to cooperate on a process to abolish and eliminate nuclear weapons. Links to descriptions of our event can be seen at http://www.globalwave2015.org/news-2/2015/4/8/hit-away-the-nukes and http://www.april6.org/en/take-part/upcoming-events/hit-away-the-nukes.html

    A video will be made of this local event, and it will be shared on a global platform, so come be a part of the action to “Hit Away the Nukes”.

    We hope that you can stop by and hit a few balls! We plan to take a group photo around 1 pm.

    For more information, contact Addison Staples, Executive Director, GACTA, at addison@nullacesinmotion.org or text 352-514-9975.

    Please note: This is a local event to bring global awareness and not a fundraiser.


  • 2015 GACTA Middle School Tennis

    The fifth season of GACTA’s popular Middle School Tennis program starts soon! Team practices will begin around the first of April, with matches likely starting on April 17th. The program is no-cut, open to all levels, and emphasizes fun and sportsmanship. Schools likely participating include:




    Howard Bishop

    Fort Clarke

    Jordan Glen

    Oak Hall

    For more information, see the Middle School Tennis section on this website or contact Anne Koterba, Middle School Tennis Coordinator, at akoterba@nullaol.com or 352-665-9544.

  • 2014 GACTA Activity Round Up

    GACTA Accomplishments and Activities 2014


    • GACTA appoints its first paid staff member, Addison Staples, as part-time Executive Director, effective 1/1/2014.
    • GACTA website overhauled (Gainesvilletennis.org) and Aces in Motion website (acesinmotion.org)
    • created
    • Gainesville Community Tennis calendar developed
    • GACTA and Aces in Motion Facebook presence established and maintained
    • GACTA sponsors its fourth season of Middle School Tennis
    • April 2014: Addison Staples attended the Change the Game conference in NYC
    • April 2014: GACTA became a member of Up2Us.
    • May 2014: GOWTL (day league) luncheon raffle raises $725 for GACTA.
    • June, 2014: GACTA awarded a USTA Serves Grant ($10,000) to expand the Aces in Motion Tennis Outreach program in east Gainesville
    • June, 2014: First Constant Contact newsletter sent out to approximately 1100 individuals
    • August, 2014: GACTA holds its first annual fundraiser, The Bryan Shelton Celebration of Gainesville Tennis, Past and Present. This event raised over $25,000 for GACTA.
    • Established the Dr. John J. Ross Pre-Collegiate Scholarship Fund and the McDonald Scholarship
    • September 2014: GACTA was accepted into the USTA Foundation NJTL Capacity Building program
    • October 2014: Addison Staples and Anne Koterba attend the Pre-TDW NJTL Capacity Building program in Atlanta
    • November 2014: USTA Florida Section Foundation grant award ($7078) for expansion of the Aces in Motion program in new 21st CCLC elementary schools and to establish a Special Olympics tennis program, based at Sidney Lanier Center.
    • December 2014: Awarded USTA Foundation grant support of $12,500 to expand AIM programming at Boulware Springs Charter, Pineridge neighborhood and at T.B. McPherson. In addition, GACTA was awarded a $25,000 USTA Foundation NJTL grant to increase the capacity of our organization (expand Executive Director position to full-time and hire a program director.

    Activities by Month


    • Ball machine donated to GACTA for tennis programming at T.B. McPherson
    • Aces in Motion partners with EAGY after-school program at T.B. McPherson
    • Sidney Lanier outreach program begins
    • City of Gainesville installs new benches at T.B. McPherson tennis courts
    • Jan 22nd: 21stCCLC elementary school student field trip to UF Men’s Tennis match vs. UNF
    • Jan 29th: UF Men’s Tennis Team visits HBMS 21st CCLC tennis program
    • 21st CCLC tennis program continues at HBMS and Lincoln Middle Schools.
    • 21st CCLC tennis program continues at Idylwild, Lake Forest, Rawlings elementary schools


    • Feb 8th: First USTA Florida Community Tennis Workshop held in Gainesville
    • Reichert House and EAGY after school programs continue at TB McPherson
    • Feb 22nd : First TB McPherson Play Day held


    • March 1st: GACTA was a vendor at the Parent Appreciation Day/Gang Awareness at Rawlings Elementary
    • Aces in Motion booth at the JTC Pro Circuit Women’s Futures tournament
    • March 10th: UF Mens Tennis team volunteered at TB McPherson
    • March 15-16: USTA Florida Team Tennis Challenge @ Jonesville Tennis Center
    • March 27th : Village Green Spring Break Play Day
    • HBMS tennis team forms and Middle School Tennis team practices begin
    • March 30th: UF Women’s Tennis Community Play Day at UF


    • Fourth season of GACTA sponsored Middle School Tennis matches begins
    • Water fountain installed at T.B. McPherson
    • After school programming continues at various elementary schools and T.B. McPherson.
    • April 22nd: First Kids Count tennis clinic held in church parking lot at Rawlings site.
    • April 30th: First Kids Count tennis clinic held at TB McPherson tennis courts


    • May 7th: First tennis clinic held at NE 31st Ave courts, with Kids Count
    • May 7th: Addison Staples presented AIM program at City of Gainesville Public Safety Committee meeting
    • May 13th: Tennis clinic with Woodland Park Boys and Girls Club at T.B. McPherson
    • May 20th: Racquet Award Day to Reichert House tennis program participants
    • May 29-June 1st: GACTA Middle School Tennis Tournament


    • June 7th: AIM Field Trip to St. Augustine with Addison Staples
    • Summer Heat Wave tennis program begins at MLK Center
    • Tennis program at HBMS continues, led by Bessie Patterson and Chris McDonald
    • 21st CCLC 8 summer tennis program at Terwilliger, Idylwild, Lake Forest, and Rawlings elementary schools (reached over 250 students per week for 6-7 weeks)
    • June 29th: GACTA-sponsored Summer Play Days begin at Westside Park, organized by Chris McDonald
    • Meetings ongoing with River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding


    • GACTA representatives began attending Pineridge neighborhood community meetings
    • Meetings ongoing with River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
    • July 11th: Guatemala trip, led by Addison Staples, begins
    • Tennis courts resurfaced at T.B. McPherson and blended lines added to all four courts
    • Summer Heatwave program continues


    • August 5th : Village Green Community Day with GPD (vendor)
    • Partnership begins to provide tennis instruction to all students at Boulware Charter School as part of the PE program.
    • Expanded partnership with Reichert House, to provide tennis instruction to both elementary and middle school students at T.B. McPherson
    • Partnering with Youth Combine to provide once a week tennis instruction at HBMS.
    • August 23rd: First Annual GACTA fundraiser held, with successful, sold out Community Tennis Clinic @ DB


    • Formed second east Gainesville 14 & Under Intermediate Team Tennis team for fall play, T.B. McPherson courts are the team’s home court
    • Working with ACT/SAT tutor and PhD student, Sanethia Thomas, to provide tutoring at T.B. McPherson
    • Met with new superintendent Owen Roberts to discuss Aces in Motion program


    • October 1st: Addison Staples attended the Education Form hosted by Plum Creek, entitled, “Preparing Our Youth for Future Opportunities: Our Shared Responsibility
    • October 10th: First Pineridge Aces in Motion Tennis Festival held


    • 5th: USTA Foundation Capacity Building Convening. Addison Staples and Anne Koterba represented GACTA
    • 8th: Addison Staples represented Aces in Motion at the 4WS Network Health Expo at Pineridge
    • Nov 22nd: USTA Florida Annual Meeting. One of the original Aces in Motion participants, Keonna Perry, provided a testimonial at the Awards Dinner, explaining what tennis means to her.


    • December 7th: GACTA 10th Year Anniversary Party and Annual Meeting at the Gainesville Country Club.
    • December 12th: GACTA received word that we received $12,500 in grant support from USTA Foundation to expand programming at Boulware Springs Charter, Pineridge neighborhood, and T.B. McPherson after-school program, and $25,000 in grant support from the USTA Foundation NJTL Capacity Building program.
  • GACTA 10th Anniversary Party and Annual Meeting at Gainesville Country Club

    Thanks to Patrick Jenkins, Jacob Birk, and the Gainesville Country Club for hosting the community tennis party! And a big thank you to the area tennis pros, Mike Oransky, Robert Taylor, Jean Vaughn, Sandra Philips, Chris McDonald, and Jason Weiss for making the tennis clinic such a success!

    GCC_GACTA_103aDuring the GACTA annual meeting, the following officers were elected for 2015:

    Anne Koterba-President

    Libby Smith-Vice President

    Ben Smith-Secretary

    Dean Poole-Treasurer

    Board members: Jade Park, Elizabeth Patterson, Lee Johnson, Linda Green and Christine Shurtleff

    Executive Director: Addison Staples

    For more photos of the Community Tennis Clinic, click here.

    And to all our volunteers who have made our Middle School Tennis and Aces in Motion programs a reality, thank you!

    2014 GACTA Volunteer Recognition


    • Elizabeth Patterson
    • Maurice Willacy
    • Jean Vaughn
    • Mark Staples
    • Nancy Staples
    • Bob Gwin
    • Don Blair
    • Marda Jorgensen
    • Kim Horner
    • Kevin Banes
    • Rod Nagoshi
    • Diana Caro
    • Bonnie O’Brien
    • Bobbie Mehan


    • Ben Nagoshi
    • Sam Cockey
    • Ryan Joo
    • Daniel Vaughn
    • Aminah Moffett
    • Walia Moffett
    • Marcela Ifju
    • Daniela Ifju
    • Austin Edwards
    • Davis Washburn
    • Lillie Mehan

    Middle School Tennis Parent Coordinators 2014:

    • Scott Frey and Betsy Fischer
    • Tammy Miller
    • John Tucker
    • Kim Heninger
    • Clare Uman and Kikumi Gugel
    • Albert Sloan and John Lear
    • Elizabeth Patterson

    Coaches/Facilities that Adopted Middle School Teams:

    • Abdoulaye Toure (300 Club): Lincoln
    • Dave Porter: Oak Hall
    • Mike Oransky (Westside): Westwood
    • Chris McDonald: Howard Bishop
    • Robert Taylor (Haile): Kanapaha

    Tennis Teaching Pros Participating in the Community Tennis Clinic in August

    • Don Blair
    • Robert Taylor
    • Addison Staples
    • Jason Weiss
    • Chris McDonald
    • Jeremy Beach
    • Eli Meyer
    • Jeremy Bayon
    • Mark Merklein
    • Paul Reese
    • Dave Balogh
    • Patrick Jenkins
    • Roland Thornquist
    • Maurice Willacy
    • Eric Ligman
    • Tracey Begley
    • Bryan Shelton
    • Mike Oransky
  • GACTA Hosts Successful Fundraiser for Aces in Motion Program

    On Saturday, August 23rd, a morning community tennis event at DB Racquet Club and an Evening Celebration of Tennis were held to support the Gainesville Area Community Tennis Association’s Aces in Motion Tennis Outreach Program for at-risk children. The fundraiser, the The Bryan Shelton Celebration of Gainesville Tennis, Past and Present, was very well received by the Gainesville tennis community. The morning and evening events both sold out, and approximately 200 people attended.

    In a first for Gainesville, Don Blair of DB Racquet Club recruited tennis teaching pros from almost all the tennis clubs in town (including Fort King Tennis Center in Ocala) to come together and teach in the community tennis clinic. The UF Men and Women’s Tennis coaches also participated in the clinic, jumping on court along with tennis players from the community. Thanks to all the teaching pros who gave up their Saturday mornings to provide the “best Gainesville community tennis clinic ever”!

    Following the clinic, an exhibition was held, featuring Roland Thornquist, the UF women’s head coach and Bryan Shelton, the UF men’s head coach, who joined forces to compete against a former UF player, Chris McDonald and Tracey Smith Begley, a former FSU player.  Players from the community were then randomly selected to join in friendly tiebreakers with Bryan and Roland. To end the morning session, Bryan Shelton shared his thoughts with the crowd on the importance of the Aces in Motion program.

    The evening event featured Bryan Shelton, program directors Addison Staples and Chris McDonald, and participants in the organization’s Aces in Motion program, as well as live music and a silent auction. Attendees could also walk through a display of the highlights of Gainesville’s illustrious tennis history. As a part of the event, the Dr. John Ross Pre-Collegiate Scholarship was established, to honor the memory of Dr. Ross, a long-time Gainesville resident, beloved pediatric neurologist, and tennis advocate and enthusiast.



  • GACTA Middle School Tennis League Completes Fourth Season


    From USTA Florida Tennis Briefs, June 13, 2014

    The Gainesville Area Community Tennis Association (GACTA) sponsored the fourth season of its no-cut Middle School Tennis League, which provided more than 100 area middle school students, from beginner to advanced players, an opportunity to play tennis in a team format for their middle school.

    The season ran during the months of April and May following the high school tennis season. Volunteer parent-captains recruited middle school students from seven middle schools under the guidance of Anne Koterba, vice-president of GACTA and coordinator of the middle school tennis program.

    Both public and private middle schools participated in the program. Schools included Jordan Glen, Oak Hall School, Lake City, Westwood, Kanapaha, Lincoln, and Howard Bishop middle schools.

    “This program is a sustainable one because we cover all our hard costs with a modest $45 participation fee, but we are still dependent on local private and public tennis facilities being willing to provide teaching pros for practices and courts for matches, and on volunteer help from parents,” Koterba said. “The participation fee also generates enough revenue to provide scholarships for students on free or reduced lunch, as well as support GACTA’s ‘Aces in Motion’ tennis outreach program for at-risk youth.”

    The no-cut format allows players of all levels to experience match play, with volunteers serving as on-court monitors to help players with scoring and rules. Before each dual match, parent-coordinators work together to match-up players of similar ability.

    “We really want the kids to have fun playing for their school, no matter what their level of experience,” said Addison Staples, executive director of GACTA.

    As in the previous two seasons, a two-day Middle School League Team Championship, modeled after the FHSAA District Tennis Championship format, was held at the Jonesville Tennis Center to end the season. Jordan Glen School, undefeated in the dual match part of the season, three-peated as tournament champion (15 points), and Oak Hall School three-peated as tournament finalist (6 points).

    Lincoln Middle School finished in third place (5 pts). In Division 1 (advanced), Ben Nagoshi/Howard Williams (Lincoln) defeated Ifadare Harris/Colby Stewart (Jordan Glen). After the matches were completed, an awards party was held to end the season. This year the Jonesville Tennis Center, Westside Tennis, and Oak Hall School, as they have in the past, provided tennis courts for match play for the middle school league, and Haile Plantation Golf and Country Club and the 300 Club also “adopted” teams for practices.

    For more information on GACTA’s programs, please see www.gainesvilletennis.org or go to Gainesville Tennis or Aces in Motion on Facebook. Photos of the middle school teams are posted on Gainesville Tennis Facebook page.




  • GACTA Middle School Tennis Season Begins April 25th

    What a great day of tennis! Congratulations to the many kids from Lake City, Westwood, Howard Bishop, Kanapaha, Lincoln, Oak Hall, and Jordan Glen, who played in their first tennis match ever! And to the experienced players who played some very competitive tennis matches. So wonderful having the opportunity to watch kids learn a new sport, work together with their partners, make new friends from other schools, and just enjoy this wonderful game of tennis! Thanks especially to our parent coordinators and coaches who make this happen, and to our volunteers who helped out the beginners on court yesterday,: Linda Green, Libby Smith and Kathy Menendez!
     middle school tennis 2014 howard bishop 1middle school tennis 2014 westwoodmiddle school tennis 2014 oak hall
  • Eastside Boys Tennis Falls Short of State Title


    Gainesville Sun Staff Report
    Published: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 11:00 p.m.
    Last Modified: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 11:39 p.m.
    Eastside high school state finalist photo

    Photo by Suzanne Cockey


    The Eastside boys tennis team fell short in its effort to unseat defending Class 2A state champion Pinecrest Gulliver Prep on Tuesday, losing four singles matches and both doubles to the Raiders at Red Bug Lake Park in Casselberry.

    Trailing Gulliver Prep’s 19-point total, the Rams finished as runners-up with 12 points, their highest finish since winning the 3A championship in 2000.

    “It was a good run for us,” EHS coach Dave Porter said. “Each year we’ve improved, and we need another year to get to Gulliver Prep’s level. I believe with another year we can actually win a state title.”

    Eastside advanced four players to singles finals before losing in straight sets to Raiders players, including freshman Benjamin Brandt at No. 2, Maxwell Curtis at No. 3, Hyunsoo Joo at No. 4 and Samuel Cockey at No. 5. Cockey gave Gulliver Prep the toughest match of the finals, pushing Robert Rogue in a 7-6 (1), 7-6 (5) defeat.

    “We knew our best chance was to win it in 4 and 5 singles,” Porter said. “I think with a little more experience our guys could have pulled it out.”

    In the No. 1 doubles final, the Rams’ top pairing of Curtis and Joo dropped a 6-1, 6-3 match to the Raiders’ Baker Newman and Chase Perez-Blanco, a UF signee, after winning their semifinal match against Tampa Jesuit’s Max Azzarelli and Palmer Evans.

    Eastside’s No. 2 doubles team of Brandt and Derek Li also stumbled against a Gulliver Prep pairing, losing a 7-6 (5), 6-1 match to Robert Rogue and Andre Libnic.




  • A to Z with Peter Slaton


    By John Boothe
    Correspondent, Gainesville Sun
    Published: Friday, April 11, 2014 at 6:01 a.m.
    Last Modified: Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:35 p.m.

     peter slaton a to z 2

    SCHOOL: Gainesville

    YEAR: Senior

    POSITION: No. 1 singles, No. 1 doubles

    HEIGHT: 6-foot-1

    WEIGHT: 165 pounds

    Area tennis player I would pay to watch play: My partner (at No. 1 doubles), Jacob Gordon. He’s got a big first serve, and he fights. That one-handed backhand, when he gets in it, is pretty sweet.

    Best movie I’ve ever seen: “The Intouchables” (a 2011 French film).

    Coach Paul Spradling’s best words of advice for me: “Move your feet, keep the ball in play and stay relaxed.”

    Dinner on an ideal night? Leonardo’s 706.

    Easiest class or part of my school day: Ms. Paxson’s environmental science.

    Feeling I had after winning the District 3-3A title last week in my first year as Gainesville High’s No. 1 singles player: It means a lot. I just felt like it was my time to step up to the plate and perform.

    Greatest tennis player in the world right now? Roger Federer.

    Hoisting the state championship trophy as an individual competitor at the Class 3A state finals next Friday in Altamonte Springs will take … Focus. That’s going to be the main thing. I’m going to have to work for every point, limit my unforced errors and keep my feet going.

    NOTE: Slaton won two state titles as the Hurricanes’ No. 3 singles player in his sophomore and junior seasons.

    Interesting thing about me off the court: I’ve played piano since fifth grade.

    Joker on the team? Definitely Jake Gordon, without a doubt. He adds funny comments, and he doesn’t laugh at his own jokes, which makes it even funnier.

  • Oak Hall Boys, Eastside Boys, P.K. Yonge Girls Heading to State


    From the Gainesville Sun

    By Larry Savage

    The last time Oak Hall boys tennis reached the state tournament, Logan Blaser was 9 years old and had only played tennis about a year. Now, the junior No. 2, along with standout eighth-grade twins Grey and Harry Cacciatore, Brandon Cooke and Nash Dean will be making the trip next week, eight years since the last time John Dickinson and Tom Simpson’s crew reached the ultimate goal in 2006.

    On its home court on Thursday, Oak Hall defeated Jacksonville Episcopal 5-2, sweeping the top three singles and both doubles for the historic win. The Eagles join Eastside’s boys and P.K. Yonge’s girls, both of whom will be making their third straight trip to state next week in Seminole County.

    “It is really a special moment,” said Dickinson, in his 25th season as coach. “I am really delighted to take this bunch to state and go myself. It is not routine. I thought we played a great team with a lot of tradition. A team that is comfortable being here, that is loaded with seniors. Here my little rat-pack group of kids came out and played their hearts out.”

    Harry Cacciatore got things started for Oak Hall, beating Davis Walker of Episcopal at No. 3 singles, 6-1, 6-3. His brother Grey soon followed, running Sean Halloran ragged in his 6-2, 6-1 victory at No. 1, and Blaser finished off with Sid Yarlagadda soon after at No. 3 singles, 6-2, 6-1.

    “Getting those victories in the top three singles took a little wind out of Episcopal’s sails,” Dickinson said. “We have played them many times at regionals but don’t have a lot to show for it. I think they (his players) felt they were in a good spot.”

    After Cooke and Dean fell in No. 4 and No. 5 singles, it came down to doubles, where Oak Hall only needed to win one of the two matches. They ended up winning both.

    But it was Harry Cacciatore and Cooke that clinched it at No. 2 doubles, beating Ross Clements and Walter Wood, 6-1, 6-3. Grey Cacciatore and Blaser rallied after losing the first set to top Walker and Charlie Conway, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3.

    “It was a little unexpected,” Dickinson said of No. 2 doubles team. “That wasn’t our strongest team. Brandon Cooke played his best, he did his part. He is the least polished player we have, but he hangs in there. He gives it his best.”

    “Going into the match, we didn’t expect to win that easy,” said Harry Cacciatore. “After the first set, we were sure we would take them down.”

    “It is a great feeling going to state, knowing we worked the entire year to do it,” Cooke said.

    Oak Hall will be one of eight teams competing in the 1A boys state tournament, which opens on Wednesday at Red Bug Lake Park in Casselberry.

    “I’m just so excited to go to state,” Blaser said. “It has been a long time since we have gone. Winning those top three singles set the tone for the rest of the match.”

    Grey Cacciatore, who was heading to state as district champion at No. 1, is happier to be going with his team.

    “It feels great to go to state with my whole team,” he said. “I get to miss some days at school. It is great to play together the game we love.”

    Sophomore Nash Dean, Oak Hall’s No. 5 singles player, is excited about traveling to the big event.

    “It is pretty awesome,” he said. “I was hoping we could go. This feeling is amazing.”

    REGION 3-2A BOYS: Eastside won four of five singles and both doubles to down Orlando Bishop Moore convincingly, 6-1, at Sanlando Park in Altamonte Springs, earning the Rams their third straight trip to state.

    Picking up singles wins were Benjamin Brandt (No. 2), Maxwell Curtis (No. 3), Hyunsoo Joo (No. 4) and Samuel Lockey (No. 5). Camille Kima lost the only three-set match of the day in falling to Bishop Moore’s Jack Hoy at No. 1.

    Curtis and Joo, along with Brandt and Derek Li, respectively, won both the No. 1 and No. 2 doubles for the Rams, who open state tournament competition Monday at Red Bug Lake Park in Casselberry.

    REGION 2-1A GIRLS: P.K. Yonge earned its third straight trip to state with a 4-2 win over Jacksonville Episcopal at Jonesville Tennis Center. The Blue Wave picked up three singles victories and one doubles to clinch it. The biggest singles win was by freshman Marcela Ifju at No. 2, rallying after dropping her second set to Danielle Corbin 2-6 and turning it around, winning the decisive third set 6-2.

    “I was really proud of Marcela today,” said Blue Wave coach Robert Taylor. “Winning that first set, then losing the second and finding a way to win that third. I was also happy for her sister, Daniela, winning her first singles match in a regional final. Every year it seems one of the young ones steps up, last year it was Matty (Sagas) and this year it was Marcela. She stepped up in that third set. She has to keep that mental focus and understand that every point is just one point, it doesn’t determine how the match will turn out.”

    Senior Kiah Turner cruised at No. 1, beating Taryn Petersen, 6-0, 6-0. Daniela Ifju, a seventh-grader, defeated Bianca Cornthwaite of Episcopal at No. 4, 6-3, 6-3. The No. 1 doubles team of Turner and Madison Sagas easily won their match in straight sets.

    The Blue Wave open the 1A state tournament on Wednesday at Red Bug Lake Park in Casselberry.

    REGION 1-4A GIRLS: Buchholz fell at Port Orange Spruce Creek, 4-1, as the Hawks won three singles and No. 1 doubles to clinch their ninth trip to state in the last 10 years. Bobcats sophomore No. 1 Kendal Wilby, who fell to Spruce Creek senior Meghan Zimmer, advances to state as an individual by winning No. 1 singles at districts.

    REGION 3-2A GIRLS: Eastside’s sophomore No. 1 Emily Louie-Meadors won her match, but the Rams lost the remaining four singles matches to fall at Orlando Lake Highland Prep, 4-1, in the regional finals, denying them a second straight trip to state. Louie-Meadors will go to state as an individual by winning No. 1 singles at districts.